Pre-hospital Immediate Medical Care for Herefordshire and Worcestershire

Our Equipment

To equip and train an immediate care practitioner it costs in the order of £20,000. 

MARS equipment is packed and designed to deal with the following quickly:

  - Basic, intermediate and advanced airway: OP, NP, iGel, COETT, Surgical cric.

  - Ventilatory support with EtCO2 monitoring: BVM, pressure control, EtCO2, portable vent.

  - Circualtion control: IV access, EZ-IO

  - Control of bleeding: Torniquets, haemostatic agents: Hemcon/Celox, nasal haemostats, dental blocks.

  - Surgical; thoracostomy, thoracotomy, amputation

  - Diagnostics: BP, EtCO2, SaO2, Blood sugar,

  - Drugs: drugs for sedation and analgesia

All our funds are donated by the community.

Without your support we would not function