Pre-hospital Immediate Medical Care for Herefordshire and Worcestershire

How is MARS Funded?

MARS is funded by charitable donation. WMAS NHS Trust provide some disposable equipment Worcestershire PCT provide funding for some of our drugs, the bulk of equipment is funded from public donation. At the moment, we are lucky in having attracted enthusiastic and well qualified members, and currently have three going through training. What is needed is financial support to ensure that they are fully equipped for the role. Donations are also needed to ensure the future development of MARS.

All donations are welcome, no matter how small.

Jack's familiy continue to support MARS with fundraisng and held a charity event on Whitney Toll Bridge on the 30th July 2016, their JustGiving page is here. They raised a fantasic £1000 on behalf of MARS.

Left we see Dr Mark Wheeler from @MARSmedicalteam being presented with £3397.95 raised during the Prometheus charity golf day!

There are hundreds of local people and groups who have supported MARS over the years. Over the last 20+ years, Ann Deakin & the Dordale Dog Agility Club have supported MARS and have raised a huge £50,000 for the scheme. Dr John Hall said 'this is a fantastic effort over many years - this support for what we do makes a real difference to patients and we are very grateful. I am always amazed by generosity like this.'