Pre-hospital Immediate Medical Care for Herefordshire and Worcestershire

Supporters and Sponsors

Welcome to our supporters and sponsors page.

As a long serving member of MARS, I am always amazed and humbled by the willingness of individuals in the community to support us and by the considerable efforts they expend on our behalf. Whether it is an occasional amount or an annual endeavour we are extremely grateful. Currently, in large part due to 2 anonymous bequests in wills, the service’s immediate financial situation is on a sound footing – however, with costs of up to £15,000 to £20,000 to train & equip a new MARS member and annual running costs of over £60,000 (we now have 15 members across the 2 counties) we do need your continued support to maintain this position for the medium and long term.

If anyone reading this hasn’t yet been a supporter but would like to be then please contact us for more information.

Once again very many thanks for all your help and hard work in supporting your immediate care scheme. Dr John Hall

Donations Received

Nov 2014 - Ann Deakin donates £160 

Nov 2014 - £1500 from the Dordale Dog Agility Club (£40,000 over the last 25 years - outstanding)

Burghill Community Academy - £200 to MARS from proceeds made during the ‘Crocodile 8’ cross-country race 2014

Mrs D Leddington - £250.00

Mrs M Jackson (Hereford) 2011 - £115.83

Mrs Ann Deakin  The Dordale Agility Charity Show - £1775.60

Mrs Ann Deakin & Dordale Dog Agility Club - £2430.00

Pat Young  -  £70.00     

Mrs J Rutter - £100.00   

Mrs P Bowden - £650.00 (This is from a fundraising party organised by Mrs Pearl Bowden with thanks to Malcolm Russell for the help he gave in saving her son's life in July 2008)

HSBC - £1000.00     

Legacy left to MARS in the Will of Mrs Sissie May Green - £1000.00

Maggie Herbert's flower club - £150

Worcestershire PCT

Dordale Dog Agility Club [£1830] + Ann Deakin [ £230] =  £2060 16th Nov 2009

Mrs Leddington & Peter

Malvern Rugby Club

Walkwood Middle School

West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust 

Tillington Village Stores

The Bell Inn Tillington

Bromsgrove Railway Club

Hereford Medical Society

Bromsgrove Flower Society

St Godwalds Rambling Group

Bromsgrove Charity Cup 

Worcester Masonic Bowling Association

Hereford Triathlon Club

Mrs P Young

Mrs B Davis

DDS&S Club, Bromsgrove

Donations Received In Memory of 

Jack Cook

Diana Farmiloe

Michael Jennings

Alice Dewar

Harry Stevens

Mrs Walls

Mr Roberson

Mrs Sissie May Green

Mrs Jean Rutter has kindly  donated £100.00 every year since 2000 in memory of her Son Edward. In 2001 she donated £353.00

Company Sponsorship


Regal Garage Bromsgrove

Royal Bank of Scotland

Prometheus Medical Ltd


Resuscitation Services Limited UK